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Must album

Loits from Tallinn/Estonia have already released two albums and three EP’s as well as a live (self released) DVD-r since the band was founded in 1996.
Because they were labeled by many people (including me at first sight, I must confess!) as a NS Metal band - they wore German (WWII) uniforms in the booklet of the last release, if you want to know the story about those uniforms read the interview here or search for it on the net, you’ll find some explanations there - I suppose it wasn’t easy for them to forge ahead, and for sure also because of the language, which is very interesting and powerful but pretty exotic (though I think this goes for a lot of languages).
When I got the promo version of “Must Album” (“Black Album”) I ordered immediately the limited edition, a beautifully designed cardboard box which contains the regular album, a sticker, a trading card (?) for each band member (nice idea) and, the most important bonus, the EP “Mustad Laulud” (“Black Songs”) featuring four tracks from the same recording session which didn’t fit that well with the rest of the album because of being more into the old style. This CD is also including a photo gallery, a lovable “Making of” and a funny short film called “Monologue” with M. Divine (bass) talking to himself about Lina... You have to see this one! I also have to mention the perfectly staged vintage pictures they’ve made for the booklet and the promotion of the album, showing the band dressed in outfits their grandparents may have worn at a time…
The previous releases are more into Black Metal, though not that classic style, Loits have always been different, be it the accordion they use in the songs, the outfits or the topics they sing about. The self description of Loits’ style is "Militant Flak ‘n’ Roll" (there’s a DVD-r named “Vere Kutse - The Story of the Origins of Flak´n´Roll” available, which could be very interesting, I didn’t see it yet), the more common description would be Black ‘n’ Roll. It’s a mix of Black Metal and Motörhead, like the last Satyricon works for example but with varied outstanding clean vocals in addition, which range from gentle to “loud and proud”. I like Lembetu’s voice very much!
In the last three years they have polished and improved their music and style and even reinvent themselves a little, this is the best album they’ve released to date. The perfect mix allows you to enjoy every instrument. I just love the crisp drums, especially when Atso is playing the ride cymbal! The subtle keyboards which give the songs the deepness they need and the Korn-like bass guitar also make the sound bombastic.
My favourite songs are “Emaraud” (“Motheriron“) which begins pretty old school-like until the break sets in (with sounds like Totenmond had on “Reich in Rost”) and continues melancholic with clean prideful vocals, and “Suudelda Neidu” (“To kiss a Maid”), in my opinion the best song they ever wrote, great and unique vocal lines! Enjoy this song on Arcana Noctis-Radio while it’s online! The tracks on “Mustad Laulud” are equally good, but they are a little bit more brutal and the topics seem to be another.
I’ve listened very often to this album and it just doesn’t get boring, it seems perfect in every way to me. The only thing that could bother you a little is the sometimes exaggerated patriotism. This time the topics are about personal tragedies of Estonians during the World War II, but you can reinterpret the (brilliant) lyrics the way they fit best to your attitude. You can find the English translations in the gorgeous booklet.
This is an album every open minded (Black) Metal fan should know! A must have! “Must Album” is the chance for the international breakthrough Loits would deserve after so many years of delivering high quality music! This is the best (underground) band I have discovered since I’m writing for Arcana Noctis, you have to check them out!!!

Author: Dr.Winter
Zine: Arcana Noctis

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