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Terast mis hangund me hinge 10218

Now this is fun. It doesn't get any more Folk than this. Mixing guitars and drums with flutes, bagpipes and a few other traditional instruments, along with catchy-as-hell very folkish vocal melodies, Metsatöll sends the listener back hundreds, if not thousands of years into the past with songs that reminisce of battle, all-night drinking binges at the village's hotel, and just plain old fashioned "antique fun", for lack of a better term. The songs are all sung in Estonia, so I have no idea what they're singing about - but like most Eastern European languages, this adds an exotic touch for us Westerners (apparently, a LP version released in 2007 includes the English translation of the lyrics.) The vocalist has a strong voice, which is what you'd expect with such Folk music. The vocal melodies are very catchy and make you want to sing along (even though you'd have no idea what you're saying :)), and the choir parts are particularly powerful. There are a lot of parts that are solely traditional instruments, while the metallic moments are basically plain and simple, fist-pumping and headbang-inducing heavy metal (while the traditional passages inspire more of a drinking/battle spirit.) Very nicely done, and I think this one will be stuck in my head for a while still.

Author: Michel Renaud
Zine: The Metal Crypt

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User comments for this release:

Jänes  11.11.2005 17:11
Oi, natukene veel ja lähengi Rock Cafèsse Metsatölli vaatama! Jee.

Marcelo Santos  23.01.2006 03:38
Sorry,I don't speak english.E tambem nao falo o idioma da Estonia,mas mesmo assim quero deixar 1 comentario,gostei muito do instrumental e dos vocais.

.......  13.02.2006 13:36
metsatöll ruulib täiega õigemini metsatöll is cool

g-zet  21.04.2006 14:12
Bom ouvir-se que nosso Metsatöll está espalhando a palavra sobre o mundo.

g-zet  21.04.2006 14:13
Ahjaa... dvd tahaks ka juba kätte saada :D

frederik ss-leegion  03.06.2006 15:19

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