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Primeval Force

I don't know what's in the water in Estonia, but so far everything I've heard on Nailboard Records has yet to disappoint, and Pagan Black Metal outfit Tharaphita is up there with the best of them. "Primeval Force" is basically epic Pagan Black/thrash metal with a lot of melody and atmosphere, and the vocalist adds to that with very memorable vocal lines. He uses a harsh vocal style, but the vocals still come out sounding quite melodic and catchy, a perfect match for the epic style of the music. The album is mid-paced overall, with a couple of songs that crank it up a notch or two. This is a rather old school form of Blackened thrash that flirts with heavy/speed metal at times - the guitars go from raw and basic to a more polished speed metal-ish style. Throw in some excellent keyboard work that really adds a lot to the epic atmosphere, which varies from sorrow to a more energetic, war-like yet solemn style, a little bit like some of Graveland's war marches although it falls just short of reaching that level of greatness. "Primeval Force" is an epic treat that goes through all the moods, from sorrowful to joyous to "kill-maim-destroy". Fist-pumping Pagan metal at its best.

Author: Michel Renaud
Zine: The Metal Crypt

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