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Dominant Force

This thrash act from the eastern land of Estonia describe themselves as "Slayeresque drag race thrash metal", and their name is taken from nitrous oxide, frequently used in drag racing in order to increase engine power by injecting it into the intake manifold. (Whatever that may mean.) In addition, founder and guitarist Lauri Kuriks (also in Loits) is a champion drag racer. By now, only the slowest of the slow would not have guessed what their lyrical topics are. The claim to be the first such band is probably true, if rather surprising, as their hypermasculine take on thrash would seem to be a natural companion to the testosterone drenched world of fast cars.
Slayer influences are definitely present, but encased within a modern sound and tone with a couple of hardcore touches, most notably when the vocalist sputters like an aging Beetle on a wintry morning. The vocalist does an acceptable job as thrashy shouter, so it was surprising to discover that he is borrowed from doom rockers Taak, for whom he adopts a completely different style and tone. I can't say the lyrical topics are overly fascinating, but if I can put up with "Hail Satan Our Dark Lord of Darkness" rubbish wailed in highly broken English, I can survive a couple of numbers about torque and engines. Furiously performed thrash may be a natural complement for drag racing, but that doesn't mean that this can be sustained over the course of a career; still, if the car porn of "The Fast and the Furious" and "Gone in Sixty Seconds" is the kind of thing that revs your engine, then this might be worth an investigation.

Author: Quentin Kalis
Zine: Chronicles of Chaos

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