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Iidsetel sünkjatel radadel

Tharaphita hails from Estonia, which apparently has a large, thriving metal scene that has only just recently been brought to my attention. This is the band’s fourth release, and first since 2005. The album consists of seven songs and clocks in at about 37 minutes. The band plays an interesting combination of dark thrash and classic black metal that has been recorded with the same sort of tones as today’s modern black metal.

As strange as it would seem, Tharaphita sounds like Aura Noir doing a cover of Mayhem’s “Frozen Moon” recording on Dimmu Borgir’s stage set up. The guitars still have that grinding sound that has become so synonymous with black metal, but because of the quality recording, the sound is unbelievably crisp. Another thing you will notice on this album is the ability to distinguish the lead guitar from the rhythm section. On most standard quality black metal recordings, there is so much noise and tinny sound, it is hard to pick up one guitar, forget multiples. On Iidsetel Sünkjatel Radadet, each guitar is so distinct and the bass fulfills its promise with little effort.

With the obvious attention paid to the guitars on this album, one can also forget the drumming. Melu does a competent job here, but also displays the fact that he is an average drummer for this style of music. The drum set-ups, while played well, aren’t all that creative, but they do the job of keeping the beat. There are blast beats, rolls and all the other elements one expects to hear on an album like this, I’m just saying he won’t be the new drummer in Rush anytime soon.

The vocals have a God Dethroned sound to them, which sits perfectly with me. It is the perfect mix of growls and venom while invoking an image of face paint and leather. This is one of those gems you never expect to find in a big pile of cd’s, but you go through the pile anyway looking for this album.

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Author: Myk

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