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Primeval Force

Tharaphita’s third album is extremely different than their newest offering. While the band’s newest release propels them into the realm of black metal, Primeval Force bares them out as a German style thrash band. Bands like Coroner, Sodom, and a small bit of Manowar (for epic arrangement) come to mind as I listen to this release.

Even the vocal delivery of this album is different. There is a cross between Marquis (Coroner) and Tom Warrior (Celtic Frost). You hear elements of the vocals that develop later, but it is far rawer here, almost more natural than Iidsetel Sünkjatel Radadet. The one thing that is present is the atmospheric, Pagan elements of the bands music. It is used here more in a background capacity, but it is a distinct element of the score. With this element added, the band actually takes a feel similar to Amon Amarth than the thrash that permeates much of the album.

The evolution that is displayed from this album to Iidsetel Sünkjatel Radadet is undeniable. They have grown immensely in the two years, and this is the weaker of the albums for sure. But, the obvious differences in the musical styles make this a better album for some listeners. If you prefer black metal, than the newest release will be far more agreeable for you. But if you prefer older, thrash metal, then this may hold more listening enjoyment for you.

Author: Myk

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