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If you’re a folk metal fan and don’t know Metsatöll, I urge you to investigate them. Without really including black metal influences, as many folk bands do, Metsatöll have attacked this style with a higher emphasis on the folk parts, with a running metal undercurrent and instrumentation. Runo and yoik singing, traditional folk instruments and lyrics focusing on Estonian poetry, myths, war etc. provide an intense and mystical atmosphere. English translations are available (the lyrics are all in Estonian), but they’re almost unnecessary, as the band is able to communicate so much through the music and vocal style. With moods ranging from quirky to lilting to violent battle scenes, Hiiekoda is a very full package indeed…and clocking in at over an hour, it’s almost too full; it really is a little too long, though thankfully none of the pieces are disposable. At any rate, this 2004 record is an excellent debut album.

Author: Clare B.
Zine: Caustic Throughs

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User comments for this release:

Simon  26.01.2006 20:49
Metsatöll is the best GROUP in the world. thanks you for you're music.

I from in Belgium

ranno  14.04.2006 12:25
cool mehed pange täijega edasi :D

Not Important  28.06.2006 20:26
The song's weird, but very cool! Like a lot to hear it.. I'm from Brazil.

Paul  06.02.2007 07:55
Love it! Love the mission of the music too.

Thiago  22.10.2007 03:36
I'm from Brazil too,

good music, good band

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