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Igaveseks Mälestama Mõistetud (split with Kalm)

Hm, split-CDs seem to get fashionable again, at first the Swedes FRETERNIA and PERSUADER via Loud N'Proud Records, now KALM and ASSAMALLA as the second release of the young Estonian label Guano Records.
Contrary to the usual spilte, KALM and ASSAMALLA offer their tracks alternatingly on "Igeveseks Mälestama Mõistetud", at first KALM, then ASSAMALLA, then KALM again and so on. But the music alone would prevent any such confusion anyway.

KALM is a member of mostly cold and Nordic sounding Black Metal, often fast and frosty ("Olen Teist Tüdinud"), but also with very melodic passages in between ("Üksinduse Kuningas"), , but still the danger of icicles on your speakers is imminent. "Verineid (C18u)" then starts slow-paced and melodic, before suddenly technoid elements attack your ear, amalgamating with the Black Metal, what might surely be called original to some extent, but still is something my ears definitely don't want to hear...

ASSAMALLA could be labelled Black Metal, too, in grand, but they are wading through the tricky depths of the keyboard-supported, very melodic part of the genre, where they fortunately don't sound like the next DIMMU MAN'S SIEBENBURGER-clone. Even though the keyboards are almost omnipresent and bear a good part of the song-structures, ASSAMALLA never neglect the heavy guitars and are mixing the two extremes very well, so none of them gains the upper hand.

To get an evaluation of their works, you should go for "Mälestuses Langenud Tähtedele" or the brilliant "...Kes Lahkunud Üksteise Südameist" for the harmonic and melodic side, and "Kivisse Raiutuna" for the heavier facet of their sound.

Overall a split-CD surely is a good way to give young bands a chance to present themselves, while here ASSAMALLA are the ones who hit my taste more with their melodic music than KALM, which mostly are too frosty for me.

KALM: 6 points, ASSAMALLA: 8 points

Author: Alex

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