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Dominant Force

I am not into cars. Of course, they come in handy as a vehicle of transportation. And I admit, I am still proud of my first car, a real British Leyland Mini Cooper. But that's it. And then I receive a CD from a band called Nitrous. Just Google around with that word and you will find as many sites as possible about cars. And so this band names itself Nitrous, they put a photo of a big automobile on the cover and the songs have titles like 'Fuel System Alert', 'Rolling Chassis' and 'Brain Of The Engine', what about that.

But in the end here at Lords Of Metal it all comes down to the music, and this music is not bad at all. 'Dominant Force' is not the best metal album in the world (it is not Formula 1, so to say), but it is also not the worst album ever. (A nice spot somewhere in the Formula 3 has also got it charms). The problem is that 'Dominant Force' never really blows my mind. The drums are being played a bit too steady, the riffs and solos are nice but not shocking and the same counts for the vocals. Faster songs like 'Activation' and 'Trail And Error' may please Slayer fans, and the more slower and heavier riffs like those in '1/4 Mile' could please Machine Head maniacs, but in general these 43 minutes of 'Dominant Force' are too lengthy to talk of an obligatory addition to your record collection.

Rating: 70/100

Author: Tormentor Erich
Zine: Lords of Metal

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