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Must Missa
Martyr Of Wrath

Almost two years after the release of 'The Target Of Hate' this Estonian trio Must Missa shows up with their new album 'Martyr Of Wrath'. And I am glad they did, because 'Martyr Of Wrath' turns out to be a good and firm old school thrash album.

The new record again contains a decent half hour of no-nonsense thrash, created in the spirit of old. But 'Martyr Of Wrath' is not just a copy of what Must Missa has done before, in a positive way it is also more of the same. In general it is easy to say that all these typical song elements are used again. The Bewitched, Goddess Of Desire and Pentacle (to name but a few) elements are obvious and also some Celtic Frost influences can be heard again. Besides this, lyrics like "Leave me alone or eat my fist, die you fucking scum, fucking die" and song titles like 'Thirsty And Mad' also show that the band did not start singing about politics all of a sudden. So far, so good. And it gets even better. With these new tracks Must Missa starts to get a sound of their own. It seems that the band has discovered how to give the songs a personal twist and this gives the faster songs like 'Devils Reject' and 'Hallowed Be Thy Whip' but also the more mid tempo ones like 'Blackened Thrasher Hordes' an extra touch. I also would like to point out the firm and decent production. It all sounds very powerful. Perhaps Must Missa is not very original, but they recorded a good portion of decent thrash metal, and that's what counts.

Rating: 81/100

Author: Tormentor Erich
Zine: Lords of Metal

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