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Terast mis hangund me hinge 10218

While walking though the streets of my hometown I rhythmically fight off numerous imaginary enemies. The sounds that accompany this battle are utterly incomprehensible and many a passer-by justifiedly questions my mental health. However, the explanation for my behaviour is actually quite simple: the new folk metal album 'Terast Mis Hangund Me Hinge 10218' by the Estonian outfit Metsatöll is currently my favourite aural companion for my journeys.

The battle songs are all written in the Estonian language and are built around simple yet extremely catchy melodies. A number of authentic instruments (bagpipes, various kennels, mouth organ and flutes) are used throughout the album and add to the very nostalgic atmosphere. They bring back the idyllic pictures of times when we all walked the earth in bear skins and at night we would retreat to our huts and gather around the fire with a well-filled horn of self-produced mead.

Metsatöll is more folk than metal, the vocals are more of a roar than a grunt and this is what separates them from the modern vikingmetal scene (Ensiferum, Moonsorrow, Amon Amarth and the likes). For trivia fans I might add that this release is a re-recorded version of their 1999 debut album. This explains the number 10218, because that is the year 2005 in Estonian time reckoning (indeed, the album was sent to us quite late). Fans of viking/folk metal with a broad musical interest should definitely pay Metsatöll a visit on their website.

Rating: 79/100

Author: Richard G.
Zine: Lords of Metal

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