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Goremarket Mid-Prices

Goresoerd hails from the picturesque country of Estonia and has focussed its musical attention to Grindcore. Until now, 'Goremarket Mid-Prices' is their second release and their first on the underground label Nailboard Records. The first impression of the title is a rather ridiculous one and also song titles as 'Give me Some Shit' and 'Like Lingerie For Hard Worker' give this release a somewhat amateuristic twist.

Judging on the music, Goresoerd gives a more solid impression. No overuse in gore clichés, no pitched vocals and certainly no polka/hoempa influences. No, Goresoerd is aiming more at the old school with quiet a lot of crust. Comparable to releases like these and such. Despite the fact that the band clearly has somewhat of a message in their music, they also manage to ensure some laughter here and there. Personally, I'm not really into the hardcore/crust/grind thingy, I prefer my music more vile. Nevertheless, Goresoerd leaves a decent impression and I'm truly curious on how far these guys are going to get.

Author: Menno
Zine: Lords of Metal

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