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Burn Still
Let The Skies Turn Black

BURN STILL… a name that seems to be familiar. But by surfing the depths of the internet it turns out that the five guys from Tallinn/Estonia are hardly known in the "golden west" – at least this will be the second review of Let The Skies Turn Black ever. It doesn't wonder since they were founded in January 2006. BURN STILL are earning acceptance by playing miscellaneous gigs in Estonia, taking part at newcomer contests and grab the profits. Anyhow, with these efforts they succeed to get support slots for Vader and Soilwork. This EP shall be the pusher for degree of awareness. Ok, let's push!
This isn't really very difficult… Let The Skies Turn Black is the first release indeed, but BURN STILL know how to master their instruments. The Scandinavian orientated Death Metal likes to vary the speed of the songs; you will get the whole scope: typical Death Metal compared with doublebass loaded mid-tempo passages to the point of blast attacks. Heavy pounding Hardcore parts are fluently embedded in all the songs, also some melody lines as heard in Vengeance. The voice of vocalist Olev is right fitting to the musical stuff; he could also be a good singer for a Black Metal band.
Like said before: BURN STILL do it quite well for their first release. That the band is at the musical beginning of their career is not a secret, not at least because of the missing homepage which should be build up quickly. The playing-time could be improved too. They have to work on and on and develop their potential to be a band which name is heard before! Listen to three of the four tracks of Let The Skies Turn Black (the fifth one is an instrumental/outro) at MySpace.

Author: the.wangacopta
Zine: Nocturnal Hall Magazine

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