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Goremarket Mid-Prices

Death Metal has taken on many guises since the explosion of bands like Obituary or Cannibal Corpse in the early days, and many specific styles became evident, creating distinct boundaries between the likes of the US style Death Metal, and in my opinion, the deeper expression of European Death Metal. Compounding this in recent years is the ever-expanding scene in the eastern block, taking bands like Bulgaria’s Enthrallment from local scenesters, to international players. Goresoerd are no different in this respect, hailing from the cold dark Estonian lands, bringing a distinctly hard edge brand of Death Metal, mixing traditional elements with grind and hardcore flavours, to create an instantly gratifying experience!

Goremarket Mid-Prices, although sounding like a mail order promotion, is a devastating death/grind assault from the instant opening track “For The Idiots All Over The World” takes you head on, fists flying! Goresoerd tint their blasting death cuts with a humorous touch, and with a singer called Mr Gore, I can’t help feeling like I’ve been here before! With tracks sitting at the 1-2 minute mark, Goresoerd go for the jugular fast, and each 17 stabs hit the mark – I just wish I had some lyrics here. Imagine Blood Duster a la Fisting The Dead, combining blasting aggression, and a groove that hooks every time, and the occasional “deck scratching” moments on tracks like Bitch Hard The Girls Squad bring the sound up to date, and a superb production cuts through the senses like a hot knife through butter!

Cutting in at 24 minutes, Goremarket Mid-Prices is a clean slab of gore grind madness! What you see is what you get here, and I love it! No pretentious “hard man” photos, or pretending to be sick here – this is two fingers up to the regime, and if the live attack comes our way, I’ll be queuing up to join in the blood bath! Respect!

Author: Phil Wilson
Zine: MTUK Metal 'Zine

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