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Must album

Loits' first release on Nailboard Records is a mix of melodic and gloomy Black Metal, with a few Pagan and Folk passages, but not as much as on their previous album. The album is pretty "smooth" overall - nothing too extreme, but still aggressive and raw enough to apply the Black Metal label to it. The guitar work reminds me of Hegemon's "Chaos Supreme", sharp, melodic and melancholic. The band uses some keyboards which sometimes make their way to the front seat, but in such a well done, tasteful manner that in this case I can't complain about it like I often do when bands bank too much on the keyboards: Loits do it right, and even the keyboard parts that sound a bit "happy" really fit well with the other instruments, rather than clashing and screwing up the sound. Now that's a rarity.

The lyrics are sung in the band's native language and mix both relatively clean vocals as well as some variations of BM screeches - although in this case the vocals are pretty low key, much like the music. Once again Loits are adding a little rock 'n' roll vibe to some of their songs, which will wake up the listener hypnotized by the other more somber tracks - very interesting effect. Bottom line, this is another winner courtesy of Loits.

Author: Michel Renaud
Zine: The Metal Crypt

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