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The Lynch-Lawyers' Death Squad

It is very rarely indeed that this reviewer gets his hands on demos, which are, compared to others entirely a league on their own. This is the case with the heavy-sounding virgin demo from Estonia’s Horricane – truly a mouldbreaker. Thanks to the handsome fit-for-sale cover artwork and a snappy booklet, I think I can say without exaggeration, that this is by far the styliest demo ever to cross my desk. The package is finalised to the last detail.

This kind of finesse usually gets me cautious, as trying to gloss over the outside is sometimes a sign of weakness on the inside. This is however the not the case here. The immensely heavy guitar sound is going to knock your socks off right from the start – I almost lost my chair! I must say I have never heard such heavy, crushing and excellent sound on a demo! From cover to sound the whole deal looks like it’s made by a big-budget death metal –band and all this is offered to us in a demo? Can’t complain.

The 5-track demo with the funny name could very well be an album, as it is almost 30 minutes long. On the music-side this release is an original and bizarre death metal with a side-dish of synth. Quick noodling is not Horricane’s cup of tea, this band counts on heavy sound and rocking outcome instead. Riffs and songs have a distinctive Entombed kind of feeling to them.

The tracks themselves are either with iron mid-tempo or slower growling. The keyboards make up the only weird bit of the demo, you don’t really miss them actually. The songs run smoothly, maybe ever too smooth, as some of the stuff definitely needs some twists and turns to enhance the vitality a bit. Luckily raffling guitar-sounds some to the rescue, as do the drums, which really do their bit well. Singer’s growling and voice-abuse work well and fit into the whole excellently.

If one was to find something to rebuke it would be the synth. It’s melodies and patterns are useless at best and annoying at worst. The songs themselves could be ever more tighter, stronger and murderous. All this prevent me from divulging the best – five stars – but this is an excellent demo nonetheless and the band has tons of potential.

Author: Jerry / Serpent

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