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Dominant Force

Muscle car-inspired thrash metal, or "drag race thrash metal" as the band describe themselves. Someone had to think of it. Surprisingly, this is not coming out of the U.S., but from Estonia. Nitrous play straightforward thrash metal, with mostly clean vocals, but the vocalist has quite a powerful, commanding voice that should compensate for the harsher style that some people prefer to hear in thrash. The vocals are a bit uneven at times, and can even be a little bit annoying, such as when he's pretty much just "speaking loudly" rather than singing. Not too much of that, fortunately, but it's noticeable.

There's nothing awe-inspiring musically on "Dominant Force". Nitrous really stick to the basics, but that simplicity does have its charm, and the power and aggressivity are at the rendez-vous, flooding the listener with enough high octane riffs and fast, loud drumming to keep one entertained. Most of the songs are pretty catchy, and the clean vocals are often singalong-inducing, but there are also a few rather forgettable - but OK - tracks. The album is fun to listen to, especially when you pay close attention to the car-related lyrics. Quite a departure from the common inspirations such as Satan worship and political bitching. :) Do you wanna burn your pistons?

Author: Michel Renaud
Zine: The Metal Crypt

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