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The Tenebrous Journey (split with Bladesmith)

Over the past year or so I have become well acquainted with Erik of Bladesmith and the more I listen to his music the better it always becomes. The man has his own very wyrd and strange style of playing black metal and it really hasn´t been recreated by any musicians that I can remember ever hearing, past or present. For that matter, I don´t even know if any future black metal acts will be able to ever recreate Erik´s unique sound should they choose to attempt to. On a contrasting note, this is my first experience with Ohvrikivi, but seeing as his last release prior to this split was on Christcrusher Productions, I have a hard time believing that it would be terrible, especially given the fact that Erik has joined up with him for this split.

The tracks on The Tenebrous Journey are alternating, almost as if different worlds are clashing and battling throughout with two very different sounds. On Conquerors of the Barbarian, it becomes apparent that Erik has honed his original sound even more so, though losing that Castlevania feel and coming into a more real guitar sound and much more reliance on his keyboard. The vocals are also sicker than ever and being pushed out in a way that only he can do. The atmosphere and sound is so thick now when compared to the older material. The next track belongs to Ohvrikivi, with a much thinner and yet militant/bombastic sound. This track is almost reminescent of a black metal march into hell. From what I understand though, Berg has stopped playing Pagan Black Metal and has now moved onto a form of dark ambient music.

I do miss hearing the dark ambient that Bladesmith is known for. There wasn´t much of any to be found on this split, though there is a rather long section of "Torn Asunder by Revenge" that is certainly a reminder of what he used to create in that vain. This split is definitely worth checking out, as well as the new Bladesmith album that is forthcoming on Dungeons Deep Records. As far as Ohvrikivi, I can´t really say. His black metal side was very decent for beginning as a one-man pagan black metal act. However, if he´s switched his sound to Dark Ambient, I wouldn´t want a random metalhead buying it and getting pissed. This split however? Definitely worth it.

Author: Lord Lycan
Zine: Heathen Harvest

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