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Dominant Force

Ok …. Now nitrous, hailing from Estonia, LOVE cars …. Big, loud, heavy, muscle cars, the faster the better. In fact, they like cars and the driving of them so much that every song on their first LP Dominant force is all about them. You know those dudes that sit around talking about all of the modifications that they are going to do to their car? Yea, well the lyrics on all of the tracks here sound like that. I suppose that it could stem from the fact that their main man and guitarist Lauri Kuriks is a champion drag racer.

Album opener “torque monster” (gee I wonder what that is about) blasts onto the stereo like a top fuel dragster exploding down the quarter mile. This is probably the only metal song, or song in general for that matter, that I have ever heard a singer scream the words “ELECTRIC COOLING FAN” at the end of the song. The rest of the lyrics revolve around various car parts and modifications. As far as the music goes, this is pure and simple good ole’ thrash’n’roll. Motorhead plus Slayer plus Fu Manchu! It’s down and dirty and a hell of a lot of fun.

Now correct me if I’m wrong but the line “Be realistic about the amount of additional power your engine reliability can handle” in the song Precautions, is both the strangest and most incredibly cool thing I have ever heard as an opening line to a song ….. Gold I tell you, it is pure gold, particularly seeing that the vocals are spat out with such venom and power.

If they are doing this all with their tongue firmly planted in their cheeks then I am a massive fan … however if they are not ... then …. Well, they have managed to scare the shit out of me! This is crazy, ballsy and a hell of a lot of fun. I’d have to say, the more I listen to this the more I love it. It is what it is and doesn’t make any effort to pretend to be anything else!

Author: James Schmidt
Zine: MTUK Metal Zine

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