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Must Missa
The Target Of Hate

This sure was unexpected. The unusual band name had me expecting some kind of pussified experimental band, but a look at the band picture on the back reassured me. Leather, bullet belts and spikes. Oh yeah. Must Missa is a Black/Thrash band from Estonia that was formed more than 10 years ago, and this stuff just clicked on the first listen. I guess the best way to describe them is a mix of Kreator and Darkthrone, with hints of Destruction and Celtic Frost. I also hear a pinch of early Metallica in some of the guitar work. The vocals are relatively clear, but raspy and aggressive enough that you need to pay close attention to make out the lyrics - call it a mix of Celtic Frost and Darkthrone, with the emphasis on the former. The music is what you expect from a mix of the aforementioned band - rather "primitive" (no wankery here), old school, in your face thrash metal. The album is mostly mid-paced and heavy, occasionally flirting with faster territory. The kind of music that makes you headbang like a maniac, fist in the air (or in the next guy's face, your choice) and you just don't want it to end. Like most bands playing old school thrash, Must Missa aren't inventing anything, but they sure as hell make up for it with entertainment value.

Author: Michel Renaud
Zine: The Metal Crypt

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