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Must Missa
Martyr Of Wrath

I remember Must Missa and their previous album ‘The Target Of Hate’ somewhat fleetingly. In other words the Estonians caught my attention but quickly blinked off the radar. The second I played new album ‘Martyr Of Wrath’ I knew that they had dropped a devastating bomb that wasn’t going to be repelled in the slightest; my radar had been wiped out. Must Missa are fighting tooth and nail and had delivered a maximum payload here. This is music for “every single thrashmetaloholic in the world,” and I am well and truly drunk on it.

‘Devils Reject’ starts with a sample (can you guess the movie) before ploughing in hell for denim and leather and hitting you with a memorable pillaging melody not a million miles from Slayer’s ‘Angel Of Death.’ The aggression stakes are way over the top here and just like trench warfare this runs at you bayonet at the ready. ‘Here To Destroy’ is both a statement and a song. This has a real ugly and gnarly sort of vibe around it and cites Destruction, Sodom and a splash of the more recent barbarian wrath of Aura Noir. As for what’s about to be destroyed, the church is top of the list and this is apparently their Sunday school.

There is absolutely no slowing down here Must Missa have 8 tracks on offer and rattle through them in 35 minutes, there is no wastage and not a second to get bored of this full thrash assault. Viking’s gruff vocals hone in on you and the drumming literally batters as numbers such as ‘Martyr Of Wrath’ are fired out. ‘Blackened Thrasher Hordes’ is as described, grinding guitars have a touch of Cadaver about them and the beefy gang cries drive the track home, up and in your face.

‘Thirsty And Mad’ literally breaks a bottle over your head before demanding a drink. Last orders be damned this ones not over till its collapsed in a pool of its own vomit, something every self respecting metal head should know about. As for ‘Hallowed Be Thy Whip’ with its lovely morbid guitar melody Must Missa have proved that although they maybe giving it a good old flogging, this horse is far from dead.

Author: Pete Woods
Zine: MTUK Metal Zine

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