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Growing Apart

“Sonic torment through dark emotions and art” is what we’re promised from this band from Estonia. That sums “Growing Apart” up pretty well, but the journey takes us through a number of styles along the way. Godflesh is what comes to mind on the first track “Snake House”. There’s a definite 90s feel about this album. “Heart in Your Hand” is a faster track and features the sound distortions which are going to become familiar territory. Distant echoes resound. At this point the album needed a slower track and got it with “Skincrawler”. The slow, pulsating beat which runs through it sets the tone for the rest of “Growing Apart”. The sound of the synthesiser cuts into the eerie background. We then enter a Gothic phase, especially where the vocals are concerned. At the risk of being parochial, it made me think of the hours spent in the dungeon of Resurrection Records in Camden thumbing through the cardboard boxes of cds, with the latest Goth/Industrial offering as musical accompaniment. “Growing Apart” comes from the gloomier end of the spectrum. After an anonymous “Formula for Freedom”, “Moments” moves into new territory, slowing down some more amid the framework of insistent guitar rhythms. The result is something mindful of dreamy Tiamat from the “Wildhoney” era. An interesting aspect of this album, which is captured on this track, is the haunting background sounds. “Aluminium Sky” contains the apocalyptic distortions of Blut aus Nord but it is faster and has a suffering hardcore vocal line. Industrial doom dominates the last two tracks “Tower and Well” and “Final Heartbeat”. Echoing vocals accompany the almost catchy, repetitive beat. Although I guess these tracks weren’t supposed to sound pleasant, and indeed don’t, I could not see that “Final Heartbeat” took us much further forward in the scheme of things compared to the previous one.

“Growing Apart” moves through various stages of what seems like experimentation. For me personally, I found it incomplete and unsatisfactory as an overall project. It’s certainly a gloomy album for those who like that, and likely to appeal to those of a Gothic, Doom and Industrial persuasion.

Author: Andrew Doherty
Zine: MTUK Metal Zine

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