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Must album

I absolutely loved Loits 2004 album ‘Vere Kutse Kohustab’, which saw the band as a premier elite force in Estonian metal. Described as ‘flak n’ roll’ it was a militant affair of groovy rasped out black metal with a huge sense of melody and intriguing rhythms behind it. Dealing heavily with patriotism and the part Estonia played in the Great War it was not only a musical eye-opener but also a bit of a history lesson as well.

Must Album (Black songs) doesn’t fixate on war-like images although looking at the accompanying cover art that see the band dressed as decedent gents and lady it is very much set in a time when pictures were sepia. A good picture ponders a score of questions and there are plenty here when you immerse yourself in Loits world The silver medallion on the album cover was actually raffled off with pre-orders that if you are lucky enough to have comes with postcards, sticker and even an extra 4 track EP ‘Mustad Laulud.’

No beating about the bush here this is a superb musical feast and one that like its predecessor I am going to have trouble putting down and moving onto other things waiting for review. The mid-paced austere flavours of ‘Emaraud’ bristle with horns and swagger in with singer Lebetus’ unmistakeable gargling razor-blades rasp, rattled out almost cadaverously in his native tongue. Instrumentally there is an air of disgust, jubilation and melancholia, in short this oozes atmosphere. There is a breakdown industrialised and clanking like the bastard offshoot of Satyricons ‘Rebel Extravaganza’ but this is suddenly swamped by some harmonious croons bringing to mind Enslaved.

Literally strafing you with machine gun fire the drumming on ‘Soomusronglase Silmis,’ cuts you down before the rolling melody overwhelms with a Sear Bliss laden brass section mournfully calling away behind it. I absolutely love the warm proggy vibe behind the keyboards on ‘Kiri Kaevikust,’ they really add an entrancing vibe to the song and although I haven’t got a clue what the lyrics are about find myself completely immersed in the song. Although thrown completely by an abrupt stop to one particular number the maudlin flow of ‘Veealune Valss’ slowly ebbs back into the swing of things and then throws out some deliriously catchy guitar weaves.

The jaunty accordion of ‘Surmarestoran’ really works and it sounds like a there is a faint backing rumble of bombers in the sky (I’m sure it’s not my imagination) and this is the resistance refusing to bow down and flee. As for the closing part of ‘Öölaul’, there is some Burzum worship going on here. There seems to be a wealth of great bands in Estonia at the moment, heralded on the whole by Nailboard records, which is well worth checking out. Loits are the cream of the crop and you should pop along and join their army now! The website link will take you all the places you need to go.

Author: Pete Woods
Zine: MTUK Metal Zine

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