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Forgotten Sunrise

Strange, very strange... I could start writing this review that this is another album which is very hard to classify because it joins together so many elements and is very avant-garde one. I love such weird music, I like confusion of my mind while listening to. I like to cover unknown elements in music and I love this touch of brand new music.
How can I classify their music? They play such music which is difficult to describe like e.g. Italian band Ensoph. But music of Forgotten Sunrise is a bit more simple than music of Ensoph. It is more easy to listen despite their music is not metal at all. Many orthodox metal fans will dislike this album for sure. But I am not an orthodox and I would reccommend "Ru:mipu:dus" to all freaks who love music which is breaking the boundaries among musical styles. The main element in their music is electronics which rules supreme on this album. If the guitars are playing they are only background like in "Ple:se Disco-nnect Me" song, or they are working in the industrial ways like in "Outumyo:nic" track. This second track reminds me the legandary industrial band GGFH, after all Ghost - the GGFH's vocalist have sung in the remix of "The Doubletaker & The Sleepspe:ker" track.
Apart from many hard, noisy, industrial elements in their music you can hear other influences. Their music surprised me by This Mortal Coil and 4AD atmosphere in some songs ("Vhatsoewer"). The almost pop song "Surroundcosmos" was surprise to me too. In last song "Over The Deathbringer Stars" (except the remix track) you can hear very beautiful violin tunes. The music of Forgotten Sunrise contains various elements: dark wave, modern electronics in Ulver's style, EBM and bit of metal and gothic influences. This music is very ambitious with great production and sound.
There are two vocals: male and female which are very impressive, they often sing the same parts together. This music in general is great, it is fulfilled by darkness, it is sometimes surprising and mature after all. The band have existed already for over 10 years, they have started as more typical doom metal band and they have evolved in such interesting form through all these years.
"Ru:mipu:dus" can be a great soundtrack for the nightly journeys through the mind or for wandering on the streets at autumn, rainy night. In any case this well - done trip made by Estonian band Forgotten Sunrise is full of emotions, feelings and impressions.

Author: moonfire
Zine: Encyclopaedia Metallum

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