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Must Missa
Ma Ei Talu Valgust

Estonia attacks for the second time in this issue; I have already written some words about Loits, so now's time for Must Missa. Just like Loits, I knew this band earlier - once, thanks to the tape trading I've got demo 2000 titled "Sex Beyond The Grave". It was really cool stuff, but this new one is just thousand times better. And this is promo CD of debut full length of Must Missa, by the way. This band performs kind of raw and uncompromising black-metal in little of old school vein. One could find some inspirations from such bands as Darkthrone (slower songs from unholy times of "A Blaze In The Northern Sky", but also in the vein of latest CDs like "Hate Them"), also a little of Celtic Frost and even Venom. The effect is maybe not much original music (who really cares? Besides, some unique touches are added thanks to characteristic vokills, roaring in specific Estonian language), but still it's really good one. I like for example the easiness how Must Missa is able to create dark atmosphere without using unnecessary instruments such as keyboards... they don't overdo with melodies either... music is based on the classic heavy-metal instruments, so it once kicks your ass with brutal, fast and uncompromising sounds, but also with many slower, more developed, yet still raw as hell tracks. Most of songs on "Ma Ei Talu Valgust" are rather slow (they do remind me of unholy Darkthrone), it's really seldom when Must Missa plays fast; actually "Sured Hirmust" is one and only really fast and straight in your face song in here. But personally I liked the slower songs more, I find them as interesting because they are more complex and have some great fragments / ideas. I have an impression that Must Missa feels more comfortable in such playing while in fast tempos the music becomes pretty unvaried. Of course it's not the same as "bad"... I have to add also that this promo contains four songs only while full album is much longer. Pity I don't have the opportunity to listen to all tracks, because I'm really curious are there any surprises and how do other songs sound like? Now I have to buy this album ha, ha... well, "Ma Ei Talu Valgust" is really worth of it, it's really good one. By the way, promo CD contains also a videoclip or rather bootleg video of one song. Pretty interesting, the Estonians seem to be really good in "live version" too. But enough of it girls! Do I have to repeat that it's really good CD, so don't buy beers next weekend and use the money on buying "Ma Ei Talu Valgust"?

Author: P666
Zine: Panzerfaust Zine

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