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Without Face

Estonias [o3] has been around for 6 years now and it's obvious when listening to their lastest collection of songs, entitled 'Without Face', that the guys know what they're doing. Very mature and well performed/arranged. The band has a drive to their music that you can't help but be impressed by. It's hard and heavy, yet soft and mellow. This mixture of emotions creates an atmosphere that I really enjoy. I hear influences from very differing acts in their music. Early Theraphy? meets Metallica and then have a tresome with Helmet. How about that one? I think that's as near as I can come to a description of their music. The important thing anyway is that the music is good. Oops almost forgot, there's a solid version of Judas Priest's 'Saint In Hell' here as well. Well done! I think [o3] has a good shot at scoring a record deal on behalf of this recording. They have the confidence, the knowledge and the songs to make it happen. Good luck guys!

Author: Urkraft webzine
Zine: Urkraft webzine

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