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Forgotten Sunrise

Forgotten Sunrise, the project of Anders Melts, is perhaps one of the more original industrial bands on the globe. This band that’s originating from Estonia manages extremely well to merge apparantly uncompatible musical styles and even make it sound like an organic whole too. With that you will not only hear eclectic electro-industrial and deathbeat such as in ‘Ropelove’, but also drum ’n bass is connected with electro and the sound of a symphony orchestra as one can hear in ‘Lo-Fi PPL in The Fade-Out World’ and if that were not enough some deathmetal grunts were added too. In ‘Nextup Suicide’ electro is merged with wave with some licks strongly reminding of The Cure. Death- and thrashmetal merge surprisingly well with electro in ‘Dead Le Gends A Mong The Living’ and in ‘Christ Your Name’ Forgotten Sunrise even adds jazzy licks to it. Fuerthermore you’ll hear combinations on Willand such as Jazz with IDM in ‘Prophylactic EUthanAsia’ with Anders Melts sounding like David Bowie. Old school 80’s electro gets a completely new dimension in ‘Manyone’. The music, for which Anders Melts himself is mostly responsible, is presented live by a band and i am curious what that will be like. Surprisingly Gerty Villo is not present on this album. Female vocals are done by Inger Lilles which works quite well in ‘Hero-In-Gre:npiece’ and the epic triphop-electro piece ‘The Ownle: Noise’. The ingenious thing of Forgotten Sunrise is that their music despite the eclectic approach is not fatiguing. Willand again sounds very natural and organic, yet is an adventurous album, don’t get this wrong. Very much recommended if you like eclectic industrial focussed music.

Author: TekNoir
Zine: Gothtronic

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