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Leegion laval 12.01.07

With their new album due in June, Loits have released the "Legion on Stage" DVD to mark an end of another era in their music. The band delivers an interesting insight into it's past and present plus offers a couple of hints for things to come.

Loits has always been a very controversial band with people sometimes mistaking them for a nazis based on their appearance. The musical side is just as confusing. "Legion on Stage" delivers a tasteful mix of Loits' anthems from the more blackish tracks from their early period as well as the rocking tunes from the previous "Vere Kutse Kohustab" album. That makes this DVD one big medley with Lembetu's vocals turning from screaching to clean and everything in between.

As far as the quality of the DVD is concerned then it's really great for a black metal band, but rather mediocre for rock'n'rollers. While the sound is very enjoyable and all the cool details are heard then the camera is sadly static, offering only one angle of the whole show. That's a bit disappointing as the guitarists move around relatively little, close up shots could've made a huge difference. Thankfully frontman Lembetu makes for a rather decent screensaver. However the whole grim and slightly monotone appearance can be overlooked eventhough the newer flak'n'roll era songs are screaming for some hip-action. Then again, the topics Loits sings about are serious and often tragic. I couldn't imagine myself prancing like a pony if my son fell in a battle.

I mentioned before the musical diversity of "Legion on Stage". Another interesting facet is the vocal range. Aside from the first couple of tracks the screeches are strong enough to penetrate panzer armor, but the really interesting part is the use of not only clean vocals but also several other very powerful, almost recitative screaming tones which sound like a pissed off marine sergeant. This alone adds a lot to the DVD's value. And I stress once more that "Legion on Stage" gives you a superb overview of the band's music through the times, all that with good audio quality.

So what's the verdict? The jury finds Loits guilty of awesomeness, sentencing them to five years in the State Penitentiary of Good Stuff. But seriously speaking "Legion on Stage" is immensely superior to the now antique "Reval 15.02.2003" video CD. Of course it doesn't compare to the real live experience but offers genuinely good entertainment, despite the somewhat dull video feed. Lets hope the next time Loits invades your TV they'll bring along some surprises cause I know their new album will.

P.S. Loits have also released a biographical and a very stylish DVD called "Vere Kutse". Both discs are available from the Loits netstore.

Author: destroyah
Zine: Metal Storm

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