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Vere Kutse Kohustab

Goddamn, what a masterpiece!! If this isn't a revelation, I don't know what is! Formed in 1996, the Estonian horde of Loits has been abroad the scene, but due to some misfortunes (labels suddenly ending their activities, a guitarist dying...) they've never seemed to properly make their voice heard, at least this is my impression. I hope I come to change that with this review, once and for all! Black Metal scene, meet Loits! Stick this name into your heads! You'll be forever thankful, trust me on this.
Loits called my attention after I read an interview in Terroroizer magazine. Their imago showed to be really once of a kind: all dressed-up in 2nd World War military gear, but staged really proffesionally, and making great action-pictures (not the sort of crap-pictures like Graveland!). Logically, a band that invests in such proffessionalism must have something special to offer on a musical level as well, I thought. I'm so glad I was right! This is easily the best album I've heard in 2005.
Loits combine a lot of different kinds of structures within their songs. Where I was expecting some new sort of War-Metal, I got amazingly good Black Metal instead! By times a bit experimental, it sounds to me as an original mixture between bands like Khold, Satyricon, Drakthrone, Ved Buens Ende...(!!), and Isving (especially concerning the bonus-track on "Dark Waters Stir"!). "Vere Kutse Kohustab" is an album you can easily hear every day without ever getting fed-up with it. The songs are really varied and superbly well performed. The drums just tottally kick ass. The guitars create perfectly directed structures that sooner or later just had to be invented, cause the world is lesser place without 'em. Another credit goes to the vocalist, which obviously understood the picture and knows what to do with his voice! Nothing in these tracks gives evidence of anything less than perfection. I am so amazed. With also a perfect production, there is really nothing I don't like on this album. I just don't give it a 10 because that mark is reserved for Devil himself. [9,5]

Author: Taras Van Dijk
Zine: Ancient Ceremonies

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