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Morgue's Last Choice
Killer Fungus

Corpses and mushrooms and doom – oh my! Mucous choirs of fungi of all shapes, sizes and origins croak erratically as their brethren infest our still-conscious bodies. Groping hyphae intermingle with our nervous system and the departing breath of mammalian life gives way to a vile, sporous existence. Bulging mushrooms pop out of our dying skin and twitch ecstatically as they suck bodily fluids into their phallic basidiocarps. The landscape becomes increasingly fungoid at a terrible pace as anything human is consumed by an emerging superior race of ravenous shrooms while clouds of sinfully fertile spores cover the sky – a horrid vista of doom that’s yet imaginary but worth remembering the next time you cut up a hapless champion or consider naming your daughter Amanita.

Our fungus-obsessed group for today is Morgue’s Last Choice, best described as an industrial ultra-doom act. Zaraza might be the closest band style-wise that I can think of, but MLC has a sound that’s slightly faster and thicker and relies less on strange noises and more on long streams of ambiance. “Killer Fungus” features a good variety of moods in its twelve songs, offering unsettling atmospheres, streaks of insanity and tracks that are as dark as the sleep of death. The vocals range from whispers to juicy uber-growls that verily sound like they come from a throat occupied with holding back the vomit caused by mushroom poisoning. Impressive and utterly appropriate for this music.

While the album is good and certainly recommended to fans of extreme music with a touch of (self-induced) lunacy, it does not compare to the experience of MLC playing in person – something they warned people about in advance. Nay, wrong are those that claim doom metal to be boring live – hearing the band perform was captivating to say the least, inducing (fortunately) imaginary paralysis to the entirety of the body save the neck muscles which got what was due at the more aggressive moments. Since people outside Estonia have little chance of ending up at an MLC concert, they should go for the CD as it’s all there as well, just not manifesting as vividly. A powerful and morbid experience it should be in any case.


Author: Priit
Zine: Born In Blood

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