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Burn Still
Let The Skies Turn Black

Even though Estonia is really close to Finland on the map, the country´s musical side is totally unknown for me. The only thing I have heard from Estonia has been black metal acts and an Eurovision song contest songs so when I got a CD from a young Estonian metallic hardcore band named Burn Still, I was totally prejudice about the disc. Burn Still has been together for only a year now and that´s why I really doubted their skills as a band when I started playing “Let The Skies Turn Black” in my CD-player.

Again my prejudices were totally wrong and the first punch I got into face was when the opening track “Black Wing” started with a nice death metal type growl from the vocalist Olev. From the first notes the atmosphere becomes really depressive and dark so I could describe Burn Still as a deathcore act which combines the heaviness of death metal into the concept of hardcore. “Day Of Darkness” which is the next song has definitely taken some influences from such German bands as Caliban and Heaven Shall Burn. Vocalist Olev really has a blistering voice and he can both scream and growl like a demon possessed beast. “My Sweet Destiny” and “Vengeance” continues on the similar line the first two tracks containing a lot of nice shredding guitar riffing and moshing parts. “Reflection” makes a fine ending to the record as a nice instumental outro.

Burn Still doesn´t spare any human lives while slaying on “Let The Skies Turn Black”. The EP is a brutal proof that there is some fine quality music made in Estonia. Production wisely the record is really well mixed and I really can´t find anything huge to complain about it. If you want your metal served with blood, sweat and tears, check out Burn Still!

Author: Arto Mäenpää
Zine: HardcoreSounds

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