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Õiglaste tulek

Review of "Hallutsinatsioon" + "Õiglaste tulek"

I’ll always have a spot for Estonian bands with some excellent acts arriving on the scene in recent years (Must Missa, Loits, Human Ground, Metsatöll or Tharaphita for instance). Bestia are no newcomers in the underground Estonian scene and this is something you can guess at the listen of those releases. The major step for the group with the release of «Hallutsinatsioon» is that it was being re-released and thus distributed internationally (with another artwork) by Perverted Taste Records. The catchy opening song «Hallutsinatsioon» sets the tone for the album. Melodic yet aggressive guitar orientated death black metal, hypnotic riffs and some nice (Varg Vikernes influenced) black metal howling. Bestia play this style of death black hybrid with the needed smattering of their Nordic background to make it very interesting. I feel quite surprised that this very good little album didn’t gain them more recognition and strangely the band was forced to self release (on the label of one of the band’s member) another very exciting three songs promo. At times there is even a epic / Viking feel to the melody lines and everything recorded here attest this bunch of talented musicians / song-writers have a great ear to combine death and black metal with enough character of its own to drag it out for the thousands of bands playing this style of music. Great.

Author: Patricia
Zine: Pull the Chain

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