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Must Missa
Sex Beyond The Grave

Do believe those sober minds screaming in excitement that this brand new Estonian band is something to put an ear to! I had some expections in advance with me as well, and bearing in mind that this is only their first demo, Must Missa have proved to be worth of the praises pretty fine! Five tracks and over 25 minutes of dirty, northern, and quiet insane Black Metal – the way it was meant to be played. Well, sort of the 90’s style, so all you modern kids better stay away, or better cut yourselves badly.
Yup, the Darkthrone feeling is all over the place – or is it my room – as I have just jumped off another Preparing for War session? Nein, it is not just a coincidence; the sound. The riffs and the rhythms speak of Norsk Black Metal down here. A fuckin’ great approach, if you ask me – especially with a feeling taht is captured during the recording session. You are not supposed to use the biggest studio, or the record it under the ground on a four-tracker – just find that tiny sound fragment that corresponds with both your unique material and with the right ambience, and you are a winner! It is felt perfectly in the final Hauatagu(ne) Seks composition that was recorded in a rehearsal room, losing half of their charm. I wonder how Must Missa would sound on a laser disc, though, as this is just a cassette dub, you know...
What’s of their own then? The Estonian lyrics (who can distinguish what they are singing about there, though?) and higher, fanatical screaming that is a bit Grishnackh-like yet suits this sonic mass murder fine. And, indeed, there is nothing else to comment on music-wise. It is about listening to it!
I will be waiting for more material from this trio, no doubt about it, expecting them to still go forward, improving those occasional mistakes and inaccuracies.

Author: Tadas Kazlauskas
Zine: Ad Arma! Issue #2

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