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Get this excellent tape with six pagan heavy metal songs!! It is absolutely brilliant, and definitely blows away a few bunches of crappy Century Media or Napalm albums, which usually are weak reflections of the pagan trend. This one is real , drawing influences from traditional metal (ha, Allpool lund ja jääd starts like a Megadeth track back in 1990) and ancient musical heritage, which almost excluded the use of traditional instruments (they play a very minor role indeed, and only in title track)!
Estonian masters manage to create a majestic historical perspective with usual metal tones, great vocal choruses, and sublime keyboard background, which is neither irritating nor overused. I am excited indeed.
Something assumingly cool was performed by Tharaphita on the debute demo too, but guys have definitely stepped towards purely developed music with time, which is about identity and might now. It slowly but firmly puts a spell with hypnotising rhythms (but it is not a weak stoner avantgarde, nor gothic/atmospheric excuses – no way!) and voice of Ank, periodically turning insane. That is the only feature they can be mentioned close to blackmetal, though the guitar sound has something of that type too. Anyway, it is not about labelling, but more important thing, for example – great production, or spiritual satisfaction that Raev (means ”rage”) brings. What about production, I truly advice to any band to try Tallinn Townhall Studio – there is nothing to regret about the result! I just wonder that this album was not released since 1998 when it was recorded, and that these songs are written even few more years back...Anyway, it must be out on cd and lp, it cannot be missed without broader acknowledgement!

Author: Tadas Kazlauskas
Zine: Ledo Takas issue 8

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