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Igaveseks Mälestama Mõistetud (split with Assamalla)

Argh, a pleasure to take such a marvellously designed cd into hands. It remains me of CMI style, and if you think upon debute Ildfrost album colouring, then here is pt.II of a similar masterpiece. A huge bow behind Estonian designers, indeed. It is an important part of the whole cd success. But if music sucks, nothing can attract the media and market attention. Luckily, both northern bands perform at least qualitative and catchy pagan metal, or whatever you might want to name it. You know, basic blackmetal sound, but compositions truly hold on that majesty in there, and stylistically bear much milder climate than your typical bm berzerkers. I find also a progressive feel in their music, behind melody that definitely takes one of the leading roles here. Once again luckily, it is not anything superficial, and both have actually worked out their particular routs. Hah, label has a good taste to join forces of Kalm and Assamalla, as once in a while listener wonders if there is a special Estonian style of performing this music or what? Listening to this cd you may think so. At some point it draws some direction from other northern bands, but me personally find quiet characteristic vibes as well. Another fact amuses is that they play each other’s cover song, and this fucks everithing up, meaning that it is a bit more difficult to distinct where is that Kalm style, and where is Assamalla peculiarity. In spite of this, the latter band will certainly surprise with their techno’n’dark electronics influences in Verineid (C18u). Diabolos Rising influences? Must admit that tryout is amusing, if they work a bit upon it, next release might turn into a revolutionary successor blending dark metal and electronics. I presume they are open to new waves.
However, Kalm hold tighter on the musical ground so far, I vote for them on this split, repeating that their partners in crime are obviously another awe from Eesti land. Fucking check them out!! Unfortunately, Kalm yet ceased to exist after a tragic death of the frontman...

Author: Tadas Kazlauskas
Zine: Ad Arma! issue #1

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