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Human Ground
Human Ground

I have listened to this CD about 7 times now, and I still can't work out if I like it or not.

On the one hand we have some excellent guitar work, and great thrash vocals, with elements of both black and death metal running throughout them.

On the other hand we have a 12 track album with about 5 great songs, 4 songs I could take or leave, and 3 terrible songs, which really isn't a great ratio on any album, especially when it is the first offering you have ever heard from this band.

When searching the internet for more information about this band I found that some reviewers agree with me, that whilst they certainly have the musical potential to be great, they just don't have enough good songs for a full length album.

I can't really recommend this album because it is so hit and miss.

Author: Toby
Zine: Born in Blood

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