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Must Missa
Ma Ei Talu Valgust

I don’t know what kind of Mass “Must Missa” is, but this band has been operating as such since 1999 and this is their first recording. They hail from Tartu, and if you should ever get there, visit the Kathra Club; that is their rehearsal club! Despite the lack of corpse paint the band can be classified as a real true underground band, like the old Burzum and Darkthrone. Furious compromisless riffs variated with slower parts of music, as applied to in every song on this demo; heading towards the punkish sound, and with a vocalist who sounds as he is brought to the scaffold.
The sounds of the drums is boring, but the whole sound fits to the kind of music Must Missa produces; they will surely not win an originality award. Although fast and slow are alternating each other, it seems as if the procedure for fast and slow parts are the same. For fans of this particular underground sound the band might be interesting, but in the grey masses they will not attract a lot of attraction with this demo. I would advise it to Burzum fans who believe that it takes too long before Varg Vikerness gets free and yet who are willing to hear more primitive Black Metal

Author: John
Zine: Vampire Magazine

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