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Not usually being a fan of non-English lyrics in music, that is, unless the music and vocals do a far better job at conveying the meaning on the song than the actual lyrics do, I really did not know what to expect from this Estonian band (who I knew sang entirely in Estonian) whenever I put this CD into my stereo.

From the first track "Ma laulaks seda luguda" I was hooked, the language barrier was not an issue at all with this band, they are more than capable of telling their story in their mother tongue.

This Folk-Metal band take the listener through 18 tracks of music inspired by years of tradition. The music on each track is beautiful, focusing heavily on traditional instruments, such as an Estonian rendition of the Bagpipes, as well as several other instruments, this is certainly more folk than metal in terms of music.

The vocals used in this album are as lyrical as they are potent. While containing a certain whimsical feel, they are also very powerful, vocally the stand out track of this album would have to be track 5 - "Hundi Loomine", in my mind the song conjures up ideas of great warriors getting ready for battle.

You seriously need to hear this release to fully appreciate what I am trying to get across with this album, but basically put, if you want blood, gore and blast beats, walk away. If you want to be taken on a journey through Estonia's rich and vibrant past via the medium of some excellent Folk-Metal, I would suggest you pick up this CD as soon as possible.

Author: Toby
Zine: Born In Blood

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