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Ei Kahetse Midagi

How many reviewers in the World have published something about Loits? Many I presume; so I'll try to be brief this time as I'm sure either you already have a copy of this CD or you already know what the band's made of. So here we go…

Loits is a Black Metal band with a lot of Melodic elements on their music; they are a high-quality group to say the least, and, when it comes to execution and songwriting, their albums are always incredible forms of intensity and unbelievable musical power. Ei Kahetse Midagi is maybe their rawer album to date, the aggression shown in all the songs is explosive and even scary at times, not to mention that the aforementioned album was their debut back in 2003.

The album is a shivering experience itself; the music, even though it's raw and potent, has a lot of Folk Metal and Melodious passages here and there, thus makes the length a little less harsh and even easy on the ear. The lyrical content is something I can't quite figure out, I'm used to read songs that talk about raping corpses or disemboweled zombies and sometimes about poetry or philosophy…but swords, fiery eyes, kings, Stahlhelm and hexagons are not in my regular roster; all in all I'm sure the followers of those things will get really excited about Oblivion, Ancient Gates and Angry Woods, so no problem there.

It's Loits…What else do you want? There are bands that achieved in 20 years what these Estonian dudes (and girl) achieved in 3 years which has to mean something interesting right? Then you have the fact that Ei Kahetse Midagi is a cult album in the Black Metal scene, so there you have it, It's Loits's Ei Kahetse Midagi

Note: The re-released version I received ("Exclusively made for Southern-American Market") has a bonus track with the former guitarist of the band ( Alan "Kalm" rahumeel) and it's totally worthwhile.

Author: Herzebeth
Zine: Metal Storm

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