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Required Sacrifices

Metal knows no boundaries, but it rarely happens that new black metal reaches us from a corner as unexpected as Estonia, one of the Baltic states in Eastern Europe.

It’s a shame, considering that every band member had been active in a previous band. Nihilistikrypt, formed in May 2004, are the follow-up to a band that was called Ignorabimus and consist of the core of Uziel on growls and guitar and Sorts on guitar. The bassplayer, called Doomhand, used to play in a band called Irdhing, their main growler Orc in one called Ecthalion and their meanwhile third drummer Zombie in Spitblood. The band focus on – naturally – nihilistic, misanthropic and hateful lyrics and describe dark themes from the deepest crypts of their minds, and things happening around that bother them.

Required Sacrifices is Nihilisikrypt’s first demo, and it features their previous drummer, Port, who unfortunately had to leave due to other commitments. That is a shame also, because the mix of this proficient sounding demo has an emphasis on his contributions, which are mostly executed in dexterous mid-tempo. To describe the riffing, one could imagine a mix of Immolation and the feel of early Cannibal Corpse. Even Orc’s nice growls may fool the listener for a few unconscious moments that it’s Chris Barnes we’re dealing with. No surprise it may be, as most members happen to like these masters of gore, next to the likes of Bloodbath, Death and Grave.

Required Sacrifices consists of nine songs, including two chilling intros. I have heard many intros and outros, but the outro of "Execution of the Last Priest" may get my personal award for the most sinister one this year.

Lovely is the artwork, solely consisting of shades of green, depicting cartoon style scenes of the diabolical and the gory. Very funny. A good example of how artwork should make you curious for the further content. Good news so far. But as often goes with debut releases, there are things that leave room for further development. Whereas the spirit of brutality is well honoured, it isn’t quite as much expressed through the production technique, which is by standards rather tame. Nihilistikrypt’s musical potential is evident but, just like the artwork, it comes out monochrome. Not a reason to dismiss this release for that.

Surely a contract shall be waiting around the corner and with drummer Zombie we should be expecting something that surpasses this release in both speed and punch. It’s a nice release and, though not spectacular, a meritous start in pushing their way to the higher ranks of Baltic death. (6/10)

Author: Pal the Postman
Zine: Maelstorm

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