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Vere Kutse Kohustab

This is actually the latest and tenth release (second full length) of this Estonian Black Metal horde. Formed in Tallinn back in 1996, this conceited quintet bases its music in strong nationalist ideals (not national socialist) and a patriotic, historic vision of the World War II. "Vere Kutse Kohustab" ("Call of the Blood Obligates") consists in twelve proud battle hymns, where the Rock structures are mixed with the Black Metal savagery, resulting in an accurate hybrid they prefer to call flak n' roll… a pretty appropriate name considering the basal concept of the band. Musically the band moves mostly at mid paced velocities, the mid tuned guitars drive the whole music accompanied by consistent, sometime blasting drums. There are some discrete keyboards lines adding interesting, sometimes dissonant effects and the accordion-like sounding passages adds a remarkable antique feeling. The only things I disliked about the keyboards, are the bizarre, somewhat ridicule closing lines at "Furor Aesticus". The bass work is also quite notable, with a rocking and notable performance adds a firm base for the rest of the instruments. The vocals are mostly mid tuned growling shrieks, somewhat reminiscent of Abbath's vocals (Immortal). Clean vocals made its appearances several times along the disc, with a really varied performance that ranges from low/macabre, clean/deep to clean, proud mid toned vocals. There's something in Loits music that tend to remind me the early sound of Ancient Rites… some guitar lines maybe, or some mid paced structures… I really don't know... but I think it's a good point of reference. Unlike the most of the WWII based Black Metal bands, Loits managed to recreate perfectly the historical context, their whole music seems to smell like gunpowder, you can almost feel the bombers over Tallinn, and the closing hidden track seems to have be sung from the depths of a cold and wet trench, by a bunch of tired soldiers accompanied only by an old accordion during a brief moment of calm… "Vere Kutse Kohustab" is an absolutely recommendable album, a work full of history, pride and power…

Author: Alvaro Pacheco
Zine: Burning Black

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