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Celestial Crown
Suicidal Angels

SUICIDAL ANGELS (44:05 min.)

Eagerly Obliveon-readers should know the Estonians Celestial Crown, finally the predecessors The Embraced, the unofficial Promo 2004 and A Veiled Empire got ratings from six to seven and eight points. However the new output which comes as a digi-pack - isn´t really a new one. Suicidal Angels keeps five recycled songs of the Seven-Song-Demo-CD Invasion Of Suicidal Angels from 2001 and three more tracks as a bonus. But the result is able to convince and to satisfy you and at least I like it even more than the official debut The Embraced. Under The Black Sun opens the reign and offers you with a very varied songwriting the first highlight of the CD. The track offers all, a listener could ask for. From keyboards to great guitar-melodies to blackened and deathened rage, Death grunts and Black Metal-screams to Diana’s gothic-like vocals plus a piano-part. With this song Celestial Crown did a first big step towards their with the latest output realized Atmospheric Blackened Doom Metal-style. It goes on with Trapped In The Dark. A song that mixes doomy Death Metal with Gothic Metal and also has a few elements of Melodic Black Metal. Holy Waters and Embittered With Grief are a bit comparable, but have less gothic-parts to offer. This way it sounds like well-done, but more or less unspectacular DoomDeath. A Wish, the last old track, starts with piano and female vox very gothic-like and develops into a Death/Goth Metal-piece with some BM-screams. Compared with that track the following Supreme Domination sounds better, cause it offers more variety. Some tempo-changes and integrated strings and also changes in vocals make this one a very interesting one. With Two For Tragedy follows a cover-version from Nightwish’s Wishmaster-album, where the band gets help for the classical vox-parts in person of Viktoria Seimar from the russian band Inferno. The song is quite okay, but not different enough from the original and for that redundantly in my eyes, though Denis is using some really extreme vocals in his part. On the other hand Two For Tragedy isn´t really one of the best Nightwish-tracks. Last track is a remix of Return To The Haunted Shores which is originally from The Embraced and was with its keyboard-driven dark atmosphere the highlight of that album. And it´s also one of the highlights on this one. Fat seven points. Order the CD directly from or check also

Stephan Becker

Author: Stephan Becker
Zine: Obliveon Metal Zine

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