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Forgotten Screams

This is not a "new" release from Ohvrikivi, it is in fact their demo recorded in 2000, but never given an official release, as Must Missa became more active, and sole O'kivi member Berg put the project on ice. In addition, two bonus tracks recorded in 2002 are featured on this cassette, these ones have been heard before on the "Estniche Kriegskameraden" compilation that came out on Beverina a while back.

If you bear in mind this is a home-made demo recorded six years ago, "Forgotten Screams" is very enjoyable. Those who own a copy of Must Missa's debut "Ma Ei Talu Valgust" will notice that a some of the riffs on here were also used on that album, so in effect what we have here is a kind of proto, work-in-progress Missa album. Really, those who don't own the Missa debut should buy or trade for that first, since it's very similar musically and has a more ear-friendly production quality, as opposed to the lo-fi buzz of "Forgotten Screams". Although "Realms of Pleasure" and "Hirmuhigi" are great examples of how mid-paced black metal ought to sound, the energy, riffs and atmospherics of the songs shine through, despite being played through what sounds like a muddy pool of distortion.

The two bonus tracks have much better sound than the others, "Tuhast Tõus" is a little softer in style and more mid tempo, Nordic black metal similar to Burzum or Isengard. The last track "Kaaren" is a synth track to close off this MC.

This is a cult release for a discerning hardcore of Baltic black metal fans. If you take that in mind, this is great. People who aren't really familiar with this style should start elsewhere, but if you like the bands I mentioned above and fancy something a little bit out of the ordinary, you should check out Ohvrikivi.

Author: Jamie S.
Zine: Black Minds

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