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Realm of Carnivora
Verised Relvad - Bloody Weapons

This has probably been said before, but black metal sure exists in the some outlandish places these days. We’ve got tons of bands coming from some hot sweaty places like Brazil and then we’ve also got black metal bands coming from all the way up north in icy Iceland these days. It really is quite amazing how this once secluded, underground, unknown, evil little genre known as black metal has spread across the world. With that in mind that about brings us up to ‘Realm of Carnivora, who hail from Estonia, which is near Russia in case you don’t know where that is. Upon glancing at the songs and opening up the booklet I noticed neither are in English, so that really makes me wonder what language they are in? Does Estonia have its own language maybe?! Perhaps I’ve learned something new today my friends.

Anyway all jokes aside ROC is a three-piece band that was first formed in 1998, and since then has released two demos, a full-length album in 1999, and with ‘Verised Relvad’ they can mark down the second full-length album in their discography. ROC’s choice of musical expression is of course black metal, and it lies in the brutal vein of the genre, but still offers up some more unique twists and turns along the way. Sure the band could play a trillion miles an hour all the time like a certain Swedish band who’s name starts with M, but these guys are a little craftier than that. ROC offers up some more slower melodic pieces here and there complete with some quality guitar playing and slower drumming. They also display more of a folk, almost Viking metal sound with track four ‘Sötta.’ This particular track being my favorite, it starts out with some acoustic guitar playing and then segues right into a metalized version of the same riff. The band also displays this same technique with track seven ‘Ihast Ja Neitsilihast.’

While ‘Verised Relvad’ is far from being revolutionary or genre defining in anyway it still is a decent black metal release that I would recommend to those that enjoy brutal black metal with some diversity to it.

April 22, 2004
7 of 10

Author: JJM
Zine: Lunar Hypnosis

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