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Required Sacrifices

Here we have the first release of the Estonian group NIHILISTIKRYPT, which offer us some powerful and effective death metal with their demo "Requiered Sacrifices", which makes you want to bang your head, but unfortunately it's not very original. The sound varies, but is well heard, it resembles a little the sound of bands like MORBID ANGEL or maybe a little ANATA. I don't claim to be an expert on the matter, far from there, but any death metal fan will find something from this release, but personally, even if I like it quite a lot, I find no originality there.
The intro confirms our guesses that the cd is done with small pocket, the black mass and thunderstorm on the background assures us that one will find a group of death metal well in the trip, quality standard for some, somewhat wearying for others. Despite everything, we will not be bothered by that, you can really welcome the sound quality of their self-production.
NIHILISTIKRYPT present us dark and massive metal, fat unhealthy sound in the pure tradition of the death metal, which suits very well. There are some moments, as in "Virus: Human", alternations of riffs melody and riffs dissonant that you can find in "Under A Stone With No Inscription" from ANATA. The instrumental pieces (two on the whole, without counting the intro and the outro) are pleasant to the ear but unfortunately they don't fit in with the rest of the tracks, they remind a little UFO sound and are cooling down the listener.
The outro, finishing the preceding song, "Rebellion Against Thee", offers us a small setting in scene guided by Chopin's Sonata n°2 (here, an extract of the Funeral March) whose name says all: "Execution Of The Last Priest".

So in short terms, a strong and sympathetic group but they are far from revolutionizing its kind, with all the stereotypes of the death metal (as well on the level of the cover as of the sound and of the lyrics), but they use them well and give us a furious desire for headbanging.

General : 5,5 / 10 | Production : 4 / 6 | Cover : 2 / 6 | Composition : 2 / 6

Author: Barbie Rage
Zine: Les Acteurs de l'Ombre

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