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Required Sacrifices

This is the first Estonian extreme metal band featured in Tempest, so to be honest I didn't know what to expect from this country (some years ago I have received an alternative music CD from Estonia with a band called O3, but that's another league). Not so many bands hit the worldwide metal scene untill now and in the death metal field the most well known names intehere are: Catafalc, Mortophilia, Bloody Sign (are they still playing?) and this new outfit, Nihilistikrypt. Well, to tell you the right one, if more "prime hand" bands for all around the globe would have a press kit so attracting like this the scene would be much more coloured. This band seems to be taking it really seriously and this professional demo really impresses your eyes at first: nice booklet with the lyrics, great cover-artwork with the guys' caricatures also included, profi CD. Then, when it comes to music Nihilistikrypt are brutal death metal mostly mid-tempoed, low tuned, based more on creating brutality than virtuosity. The music becomes melodic by adding some old style lead guitars for a darker atmosphere. The vocalist seems to have found a good place in the band as he's a member since 2005 only (he plays in Ecthalion too). Uziel seems to be the main man here and the whole concept made by him as well, but unfortunatelly he seems to possess a small amount of words in his English vocabulary to express himself properly; the lyrics are somehow childish in expression so I couldn't get the whole concept behind "required Sacrifices". Hopefully he'll improve his lyrics next time. But as a first impression Nihilistikrypt seems to be a band to stay and if they'll be serious enough we'll hear more about them in the near future. I would bet on that but in the meantime you should check this debut demo out.

Author: IronBog
Zine: Tempest Music

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