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Coming of this review was announced already in one of our previous reviews, here we go now with second release
of Hexenreich Records. To be not released under this label band had no chances, because its leader is guitarist of Bestia. Band consists of five members, on this album were used also two session members for some little additions. Until releasing of album band had some demo recordings, where prototypes of current songs were developed.
At first goes title track. It was good reason to put it in the beginning, because it is good song, easy to remember and has great melodies. It could be labeled as black/death metal, authors like to add word "pagan" to style. No problem.
"Hallutsinatsioon" is somehow similar to first track of Asgard's 2004. year album (band from Mogilyov).
Second track sounds also like first one, but "Werewolf" suddenly turns to pure death metal with brutal vocals.
Fourth track returns to the orbit of first songs, with some keyboards in the background. In the fifth track are not talked about nazguls (it can be heard in such way), actually it is in Estonian "Can you hear the roars of steel". All lyrics and song titles of this album are in Estonian, but you can find translations in booklet, what makes it easier to understand- titles in Estonian look quite mystical to me. Tempos of songs grow step by step and sixth track is unreachably faster then others. Title of next track is "Third Grave From the Left", it returns to sounds and themes of "Libahunt". Song lyrics talk about hero, who comes to graveyard every night. Of course it is nothing unusual in this genre, but sex scene with phrase "You broke my heart- I broke your neck" is very cool.
Lost melodies from hands of Andres (he is responsible about writing most of music) return to eigth song, what interestingly starts with unpatient drumming. "Ruunide Leidmine" - is a track made only with computer and includes some samples of rain and thunder. Next song wasnt interesting for me, in the end it steps to last track, what is composed by drummer and bass player. Asynchronous and funny.

Zine: Native Art

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