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Terast mis hangund me hinge 10218

Hey, didn't I just review this band's "Hiiekoda" album a few weeks ago? Yes, I did. It had been out for almost a year, but it was only recently that I picked it up and reviewed it. As soon as I reviewed it I was contacted by the band's traditional instrumentalist Lauri, who told me they just released a new album I should check out. As luck would have it, my favorite US distro happened to get this new album called "Terast Mis Hangund Me Hinge 10218" in stock just a few short days later. Hooray for me, as this new one kicks as much ass as "Hiiekoda" did!

From this point on in the review, I'll refer to the album title and song titles by their English translations that the band provides in the lyric booklet, since it's just much easier for me. You might see that the album is called "Steel Frozen In Our Souls 2005". The "2005" is there to differentiate between this new album and their debut album of the same name. "Steel Frozen in Our Souls 2005" is a remake of this debut album, all recently recorded with updated equipment and better musicianship all around. I haven't heard the debut album, but a few of those who have say that this new version is a lot better in comparison. Compared to "Hiiekoda", "Steel Frozen In Our Souls" is a lot heavier, almost leaning towards Thrash throughout most of the album. I really liked how "Hiiekoda" was a majority Folk music with just slight Metal touches, but this heavier stuff is great too. It reminds me at times of an Estonian Folk flavored Korpiklaani, and it's still almost as Folky as "Hiiekoda". The Folk aspects are represented on the album by acoustic guitars played by the guitarists, and the laul, torupill, kandled and other instruments played by Lauri.

The lyrics from the album are written and sung in their native tongue, so I can't comment on the lyrical content except to say that the booklet says the album is a concept album of sorts about the lives of ancient Estonians seen through the eyes of a wolf. The vocals this time around are still mostly done in a nice and clean Folk style, but in a few spots on the album the vocalist does get a lot more powerful than he ever did on "Hiiekoda". As with the last album, the vocals almost never stop from the beginning to the end of the album. Even if the vocalist isn't singing lyrics, he'll be singing pure vocal melodies in the background, and it sounds awesome.

The production for "Steel Frozen In Our Souls 2005" is a lot better than the production on "Hiiekoda". A problem I had with "Hiiekoda" was the drums sounded a bit muffled and everything was a bit distorted sounding, but all of those sound problems have been fixed this time around.

The packaging and layout of this digipak is great. The cover is a photo of what looks to be a wooden dragon set aflame. Well, it's a dragon or some sort of medieval fairy tale monster, since Estonian folklore has a lot of such monsters populating their stories. The four "M" Metsatoll Icon and logo looks pretty cool, and inside of the booklet you'll find all of the lyrics. One thing though... There's a band photo on the back of the digipak that's kind of odd. The guy on the far right of the picture is either a frigging giant, or the other three guys in the band are midgets.

If you liked "Hiiekoda", you'll definitely love "Steel Frozen In Our Hearts" as well. You may even like it more if you didn't think "Hiiekoda" was heavy enough for you. Myself, I like them both about equally. As long as they keep writing songs this well and they keep a ton of Folk influences in their music, I'll be happy. This album made my top ten list for 2005, so that kind of tells you how great I think it is.

Author: Britton Dicks
Zine: Metal Coven

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