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After successtul demo "2001" I havent heard nothing more from this band, so I was pleasantly surprised when I got on this autumn a promo copy of Bestia's new album. This work is called "Hallutsinatsioon" and it is the first complete album of guys.
It is also one of the first releases of new Estonian label Hexenreich Records and I think that band members are connected with it. The music style havent fortunately changed, I'd like to call it oldschool underground black metal with death/thrash metal influences. There are pieces what represent rather pure black metal, for example "Viirastus tõusvas tules" or "Kord vabana tuleme tagasi", in addition pieces what are strongly deathmetal, like "Libahunt" or "Suremise teine tee". Alltogether it is very homogeneous and decent nordic music. Particularly the successful, in times hymn-like, sometimes melancholic guitar portions and aggressive singing please me. There are also atmospheric pieces in the beginning of fourth and sixth tracks. Interesting is that singing with an exception
("Asynchronous Laughter") is completely in their mother tongue, which pleases me as well and makes this disc original. Alltogether I cant find any weak point on "Hallutsinatsioon", so I can recommend this successful death/thrashmetallic black metal opus also for its
for this genre atypical cover artwork, to all fans of this kind of music. Successful journey to old days.

Author: Wolos
Zine: Twierdza

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