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Primeval Force

Estonian metallers THARAPHITA have been raising the torch since 1995; after found member, vocalist/guitarist Ank, set out to create his own musical outlet in which he could focus his feelings into his own form. After recruiting guitarist Benton, Bassist Massacra, synth guitarist/clean vocalist Draconic and drummer Melu, the band didn't take long to cement itself in the Baltic Underground. Heavily influenced by black and heavy metal, infused with fold-ethno music and pagan views, the band recorded their first demo Kui Varjud Polevad (When Shadows Burn). Gaining a respectable following the band proved to be a hit in their homeland; this giving the band enough fuel to light the torch brighter. They released Raeu (Rage), Tumedate Tunnete Kutkeis (Bound By Dark Feelings) and the EP Hundiseadus (Law Of The Wolf). The latter taking a more thrashy feeling. In 2005 THARAPHITA signed to Estonian label Nailborad Records to release their latest and greatest record to date Primeval Force. Eight tracks of epic, dark black/heavy metal.

Blast from the past! Very reminiscent of old school black metal with a new school feeling. If that doesn't make sense, please don't ask me to make sense of it... I don't get it either. But, what I do get is that this band is actually really good! Very talented musicians backed by some grooving metal riffs. Track 1 Sorceress grooving, folkish, slow, and shout along good! Easy to understand vocals make this one of the very rare occasions that I actually like understanding the vocals; generally I hate that, but I'll make an exception for this band. They remind me a lot of Borknagar; folkish black metal. I have a feeling this album is going to find its way back into my CD player a few times. Very atmospheric, melodic, and original. All the tracks are a musical journey in which all the songs are amazingly good. I really like this album, very old school. Nice! m/

Author: Empress
Zine: Nocturnal Hall

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